How it began

Stratos Capital was born in late 2012 out of a need to approach risk, and client solutions, differently. Years of investment banking experience left the team thinking, “There must be a way to ease the burden of corporate red tape and timeously provide a service-offering that speaks directly to the client’s needs and desired outcome.”

Fast-forward a few years, the business has adapted over time to offer capital raising, buy- and sell-side solutions as well as bespoke risk analysis based on each client’s unique requirements and the transaction being contemplated.


You arrived here because you are in search of a solution to a problem…
“How do I unlock the value of, or sell my business?”
“Where should I invest in Africa and why?”
“I have the capital, but where are the deals?”
“Who can manage my portfolio of African investments?”

Or you simply Googled ‘stratosphere’. If that’s the case, here’s a link giving you some background as to how we came to be named Stratos Capital. They say ‘reach for the stars’, but to get there, you need to go via the stratosphere. That’s where we come in.

Risks are prevalent, and need to be managed, at all stages throughout the transaction life cycle. From sourcing, screening, negotiating and closing through to the continued monitoring of an African transaction, Stratos Capital provides the necessary guidance and expertise to navigate those risks.

Our friends

These are just some of the companies that have entrusted Stratos Capital to assist with their business needs. We’ve also partnered with like-minded outfits across the globe; collaboration leads to broader thinking, and therefore better solutions for clients.

We’d be honoured to include your logo here.

The squad

The team is comprised of seasoned ex-investment bankers and business founders who understand and recognise the complex risk environment in which African transactions are conducted.